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Master list of all ASH functions. All functions as of r8144 are listed; this list is intended to be kept current, but it is possible that some functions added since the above revision may be missing. (Please feel free to add in any you notice.)


voidabort( [string] )

voidadd_item_condition( int, item )

booleanadv1( location, int, string )

intadv_cost( skill )

booleanadventure( int, location, [string] )

string [int] all_normal_outfits()

float [monster]appearance_rates( location, [boolean] )

bufferappend( buffer, string )

bufferappend_replacement( matcher, buffer, string )

bufferappend_tail( matcher, buffer )

buffer attack()

booleanautosell( int, item )

intautosell_price( item )

intavailable_amount( item )


boolean batch_close()

void batch_open()

booleanbjornify_familiar( familiar )

boolean black_market_available()

booleanboolean_modifier( [string], string )

booleanboolean_modifier( item, string )

int buffed_hit_stat()

booleanbuy( [coinmaster], int, item )

intbuy( int, item, int )

intbuy_price( coinmaster, item )

booleanbuy_using_storage( int, item )

intbuy_using_storage( int, item, int )

booleanbuys_item( coinmaster, item )


boolean can_drink()

boolean can_eat()

booleancan_equip( item )

booleancan_faxbot( monster )

boolean can_interact()

boolean canadia_available()

intceil( float )

booleanchange_mcd( int )

stringchar_at( string, int )

voidchat_clan( string, [string] )

voidchat_macro( string )

voidchat_notify( string, string )

voidchat_private( string, string )

booleanchew( int, item )

classclass_modifier( string, string )

classclass_modifier( item, string )

voidclear( aggregate )

booleancli_execute( string )

intcloset_amount( item )

int combat_mana_cost_modifier()

float combat_rate_modifier()

booleancontains_text( string, string )

void council()

intcount( aggregate )

booleancraft( string, int, item, item )

stringcraft_type( item )

intcreatable_amount( item )

intcreatable_turns( [item], [int], [boolean] )

booleancreate( int, item )

matchercreate_matcher( string, string )

stat current_hit_stat()

int current_mcd()


elementdad_sea_monkee_weakness( int )

item daily_special()

float damage_absorption_percent()

int damage_reduction()

bufferdelete( buffer, int, int )

voiddisable( string )

boolean dispensary_available()

intdisplay_amount( item )

booleandrink( int, item )


booleaneat( int, item )

booleaneatsilent( int, item )

effecteffect_modifier( string, string )

effecteffect_modifier( item, string )

floatelemental_resistance( element )

floatelemental_resistance( [monster] )

boolean empty_closet()

voidenable( string )

intend( matcher, [int] )

booleanenthrone_familiar( familiar )

stringentity_decode( string )

stringentity_encode( string )

booleanequip( [slot], item )

boolean equip_all_familiars()

intequipped_amount( item )

itemequipped_item( slot )

intexpected_damage( [monster] )

float experience_bonus()

float expression_eval()

int [item]extract_items( string )

intextract_meat( string )


itemfamiliar_equipment( familiar )

itemfamiliar_equipped_equipment( familiar )

intfamiliar_weight( familiar )

boolean [familiar] favorite_familiars()

booleanfaxbot( monster )

booleanfile_to_map( string, aggregate, [boolean] )

booleanfind( matcher )

intfloor( float )

boolean florist_available()

stringform_field( string )

string [string] form_fields()

stringformat_date_time( string, string, string )

boolean friars_available()

int fullness_limit()


boolean galaktik_cures_discounted()

int gameday_to_int()

string gameday_to_string()

int gametime_to_int()

int get_auto_attack()

int [item] get_campground()

stringget_ccs_action( int )

int [item] get_chateau()

int get_clan_id()

int [item] get_clan_lounge()

string get_clan_name()

stringget_counters( string, int, int )

string [int] get_custom_outfits()

item get_dwelling()

string [location, 3] get_florist_plants()

string [int] get_goals()

boolean get_ignore_zone_warnings()

int [item]get_ingredients( item )

int [item] get_inventory()

monster [int]get_monsters( location )

string [int] get_moods()

string [int] get_outfits()

string get_path()

string get_path_full()

string get_path_variables()

stringget_player_id( string )

intget_power( item )

stringget_property( string )

int [item]get_related( item, string )

int get_revision()

int [item] get_shop()

string get_version()

boolean gnomads_available()

booleangoal_exists( string )

stringgroup( matcher, [int] )

intgroup_count( matcher )

string [int, int]group_string( string, string )

boolean guild_store_available()


boolean have_bartender()

boolean have_chef()

boolean have_display()

inthave_effect( effect )

booleanhave_equipped( item )

booleanhave_familiar( familiar )

boolean have_mushroom_plot()

booleanhave_outfit( string )

booleanhave_servant( servant )

boolean have_shop()

booleanhave_skill( skill )

booleanhermit( int, item )

boolean hidden_temple_unlocked()

boolean hippy_stone_broken()

boolean hippy_store_available()

floathistorical_age( item )

inthistorical_price( item )

string holiday()


monsterimage_to_monster( strict_string )

boolean in_bad_moon()

boolean in_hardcore()

boolean in_moxie_sign()

boolean in_muscle_sign()

boolean in_mysticality_sign()

stringinaccessible_reason( coinmaster )

intindex_of( string, string, [int] )

int inebriety_limit()

float initiative_modifier()

bufferinsert( buffer, int, string )

booleanis_accessible( coinmaster )

booleanis_banished( monster )

booleanis_coinmaster_item( item )

booleanis_discardable( item )

booleanis_displayable( item )

boolean is_familiar_equipment_locked()

booleanis_giftable( item )

booleanis_goal( item )

booleanis_integer( string )

booleanis_npc_item( item )

booleanis_online( string )

booleanis_tradeable( item )

booleanis_trendy( item/familiar/skill/string )

booleanis_unrestricted( item/familiar/skill/string )

booleanis_wearing_outfit( string )

intitem_amount( item )

float item_drop_modifier()

int [item]item_drops( [monster] )

record [int]item_drops_array( [monster] )

stringitem_type( item )


intjump_chance( [monster], [int], [int] )

intjump_chance( location, [int], [int] )


boolean knoll_available()


intlast_index_of( string, string, [int] )

string last_item_message()

monster last_monster()

string last_skill_message()

intlength( string )

int lightning_cost()

string limit_mode()

bufferload_html( string )

voidlock_familiar_equipment( boolean )

voidlogprint( string )


stringmake_url( string, boolean, boolean )

intmall_price( item )

int mana_cost_modifier()

booleanmap_to_file( aggregate, string, [boolean] )

floatmax( float, float )

intmax( int, int )

booleanmaximize( string, boolean )

booleanmaximize( string, int, int, boolean )

record [int]maximize( string, int, int, boolean, boolean )

intmeat_drop( [monster] )

float meat_drop_modifier()

floatmin( float, float )

intmin( int, int )

item minstrel_instrument()

int minstrel_level()

boolean minstrel_quest()

intmmg_bet_amount( int )

stringmmg_bet_owner( int )

intmmg_bet_owner_id( int )

string mmg_bet_taker()

string mmg_bet_taker_id()

int mmg_bet_winnings()

intmmg_make_bet( int, boolean )

int [int] mmg_my_bets()

int [int] mmg_offered_bets()

booleanmmg_retract_bet( int )

voidmmg_search( int, int )

intmmg_take_bet( int, boolean )

void mmg_visit()

intmmg_wait_event( int )

floatmodifier_eval( string )

intmonster_attack( [monster] )

intmonster_defense( [monster] )

elementmonster_element( [monster] )

floatmonster_eval( string )

intmonster_hp( [monster] )

intmonster_initiative( [monster] )

int monster_level_adjustment()

phylummonster_phylum( [monster] )

int moon_light()

int moon_phase()

intmp_cost( skill )

int my_adventures()

int my_ascensions()

int my_audience()

intmy_basestat( stat )

familiar my_bjorned_familiar()

intmy_buffedstat( stat )

class my_class()

int my_closet_meat()

string my_companion()

int my_daycount()

int my_discomomentum()

familiar my_effective_familiar()

int [effect] my_effects()

familiar my_enthroned_familiar()

familiar my_familiar()

int my_fullness()

int my_fury()

string my_hash()

int my_hp()

string my_id()

int my_inebriety()

int my_level()

int my_lightning()

location my_location()

int my_maxfury()

int my_maxhp()

int my_maxmp()

int my_meat()

int my_mp()

string my_name()

string my_path()

stat my_primestat()

int my_rain()

servantmy_servant( servant )

string my_sign()

int my_soulsauce()

int my_spleen_use()

int my_storage_meat()

thrall my_thrall()

int my_thunder()

int my_turncount()


floatnow_to_string( string )

intnpc_price( item )

floatnumeric_modifier( [string], string )

floatnumeric_modifier( item, string )

floatnumeric_modifier( effect, string )

floatnumeric_modifier( skill, string )

floatnumeric_modifier( familiar, string, int, item )


booleanoutfit( string )

item [int]outfit_pieces( string )

stringoutfit_tattoo( [string] )

booleanoverdrink( int, item )


voidprint( string, [string] )

voidprint_html( string )

int pulls_remaining()

booleanput_closet( int, [item] )

booleanput_display( int, item )

booleanput_shop( int, int, [int], item )

booleanput_stash( int, item )

int pvp_attacks_left()


intrain_cost( skill )

intrandom( int )

int raw_damage_absorption()

void refresh_shop()

void refresh_stash()

void refresh_status()

voidremove_item_condition( int, item )

booleanreplace( buffer, int, int, string )

stringreplace_all( matcher, string )

stringreplace_first( matcher, string )

bufferreplace_string( buffer, string, string )

bufferreplace_string( string, string, string )

matcherreset( matcher, [string] )

booleanrestore_hp( int )

booleanrestore_mp( int )

booleanretrieve_item( int, item )

intround( float )

buffer run_choice()

bufferrun_combat( [string] )

buffer run_turn()

buffer runaway()


booleansell( coinmaster, int, item )

intsell_price( coinmaster, item )

booleansells_item( coinmaster, item )

string [int]session_logs( [string], int )

voidset_auto_attack( int )

voidset_length( buffer, int )

voidset_location( location )

voidset_property( string, string )

intshop_amount( item )

intshop_price( item )

intsoulsauce_cost( skill )

int spleen_limit()

string [int]split_string( string, [string] )

floatsquare_root( float )

intstart( matcher, [int] )

intstash_amount( item )

stat stat_bonus_today()

stat stat_bonus_tomorrow()

statstat_modifier( effect, string )

buffer steal()

int stills_available()

intstorage_amount( item )

stringstring_modifier( [string], string )

skill stun_skill()

stringsubstring( string, int, [int] )

booleansvn_at_head( string )

booleansvn_exists( string )

recordsvn_info( string )


booleantake_closet( int, [item] )

booleantake_display( int, item )

booleantake_shop( [int], item )

booleantake_stash( int, item )

booleantake_storage( int, item )

inttavern( [string] )

bufferthrow_item( item )

bufferthrow_items( item, item )

intthunder_cost( skill )

buffer time_to_string()

booleanto_boolean( any )

bountyto_bounty( strict_string )

classto_class( strict_string/int )

coinmasterto_coinmaster( strict_string )

effectto_effect( int )

effectto_effect( strict_string )

effectto_effect( skill )

elementto_element( strict_string )

familiarto_familiar( int )

familiarto_familiar( strict_string )

floatto_float( any )

intto_int( any )

itemto_item( strict_string )

itemto_item( int )

itemto_item( string, int )

stringto_json( aggregate )

locationto_location( strict_string )

locationto_location( int )

stringto_lower_case( string )

monsterto_monster( strict_string )

phylumto_phylum( string )

stringto_plural( item )

servantto_servant( int )

servantto_servant( strict_string )

skillto_skill( effect )

skillto_skill( int )

skillto_skill( strict_string )

slotto_slot( item )

skillto_slot( strict_string )

statto_stat( string )

stringto_string( any )

thrallto_thrall( [string], [int] )

stringto_upper_case( string )

stringto_url( location )

string today_to_string()

int total_free_rests()

int total_turns_played()

inttruncate( float )

intturns_per_cast( skill )

int turns_played()


stringurl_decode( string )

stringurl_encode( string )

booleanuse( int, item )

booleanuse_familiar( familiar )

booleanuse_servant( servant )

booleanuse_skill( int, skill, [string] )

bufferuse_skill( skill )

booleanuser_confirm( string )

booleanuser_confirm( string, int, boolean )


booleanvisit( coinmaster )

buffervisit_url( [string], [boolean], [boolean] )


voidwait( int )

voidwaitq( int )

intweapon_hands( item )

statweapon_type( item )

int weight_adjustment()

boolean white_citadel_available()

boolean [string]who_clan( [string] )

boolean will_usually_dodge()

boolean will_usually_miss()

voidwrite( string )

voidwriteln( string )


string[int]xpath( string, string )