Modifier Functions

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These functions allow access to the raw modifiers known to KoLmafia.

For more information on what modifiers exist, please see Modifiers.

booleanboolean_modifier( string, string )

booleanboolean_modifier( item, string )

Access to boolean modifiers.

classclass_modifier( string, string )

classclass_modifier( item, string )

Access to modifiers that return one of the six classes (e.g. "Class").

effecteffect_modifier( string, string )

effecteffect_modifier( item, string )

Access to modifiers that return an effect(e.g. "Intrinsic Effect" or, introduced more recently, "Effect").

floatnumeric_modifier( string, string )

floatnumeric_modifier( item, string )

floatnumeric_modifier( effect, string )

floatnumeric_modifier( skill, string )

floatnumeric_modifier( familiar, string, int, item )

Access to numeric modifiers.

statstat_modifier( effect, string )

Access to modifiers that return one of the stats (e.g. "Equalize").

stringstring_modifier( string )

stringstring_modifier( string, string )

Access to string modifiers.