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Auto-stops are places where mafia's automation will automatically stop, just as the name suggests. Except for the Ultra-Rare monsters, these are all KoL non-combats. If mafia detects one of these auto-stop non-combats then automation will cease immediately after the encounter.

There is just one trick to using auto-stops: mafia will only auto-stop when there are no conditions set (although it will always auto-stop on Ultra-Rare monsters). If conditions are set then mafia will continue automation until it reaches those conditions and stop normally. This is to prevent auto-stops from interfering with regular automation.

Unlocking the White Citadel can make use of the auto-stop to be this simple.

adventure( my_adventures(), $location[whitey's grove] );
adventure( my_adventures(), $location[white citadel );

Unlocking the Pyramid, using the magic of auto-stops. Note that this assumes you have enough adventures to complete it. A better script would check the questlog to verify current quest progress before beginning adventuring.

cli_execute("condition clear");   # conditions must be clear or stops won't be automatic.

# Adventure until: A Sietch in Time
adventure( my_adventures(), $location[Desert (Ultrahydrated)] );

cli_execute("condition set 1 stone rose, 1 drum machine");
adventure( my_adventures(), $location[Oasis] );

# Adventure until: Walk Without Rhythm
retrieve_item(1, $item[can of black paint]);
adventure( my_adventures(), $location[Desert (Ultrahydrated)] );

cli_execute("condition set worm-riding manual pages 3-15");
adventure( my_adventures(), $location[Oasis] );

# Adventure until: The Sleeper Has Awakened
adventure( my_adventures(), $location[Desert (Ultrahydrated)] );

# Equip wormhooks, use drum machine and then re-equip original weapon.
cli_execute("checkpoint; equip worm hooks; use drum machine; outfit checkpoint");