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Function Syntax

boolean autosell(int qty ,item it )

  • qty is the quantity to sell
  • it is the item to sell

Attempts to autosell qty of it. Returns true if all items are sold as specified, or as many as possible, and false otherwise.

Note that specifying a higher qty than you have of an item, or an item that cannot be autosold, will still return true as the function has done as much as it could.

Code Sample

Sell off all pork gems.

if(item_amount($item[pork elf goodies sack]) > 0)
   use(item_amount($item[pork elf goodies sack]), $item[pork elf goodies sack]);
foreach stone in $items[hamethyst, baconstone, porquoise]
   autosell(item_amount(stone), stone);

CLI Equivalent

The CLI commands "sell" and "autosell" function similarly.