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Function Syntax

string [int] available_choice_optionsboolean? spoilers = false )

Returns all available choice options in the current (or last) choice adventure the player encountered.
  • spoilers: If true, also add KoLmafia-generated spoiler text to each choice string

This function was added in r17937 and r17938.

Code Samples

Suppose the player visits Dr. Gordon Stuart, a Scientist, then executes the following code:

string [int] choices = available_choice_options();
foreach num, choice_text in choices {
   print(`{num}: {choice_text}`);

Then KoLmafia will print:

1: Can I fight that tentacle you saved for science?
2: What can you tell me about "refuse material"?
3: Great!

See Also

choice_follows_fight() | handling_choice() | last_choice() | run_choice()