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Function Syntax

boolean bjornify_familiar(familiar target )

  • target is the familiar to enthrone.

Bjornifies the specified familiar in a Buddy Bjorn. Returns false if something goes wrong with the bjornifying process (e.g. the player does not have the specified familiar in his terrarium, or the player does not have a Buddy Bjorn).

Code Sample

Returns true if the El Vibrato Megadrone is successfully equipped to the Buddy Bjorn.

boolean bjornify_megadrone() {
   if (my_bjorned_familiar()!=$familiar[el vibrato megadrone])
      return bjornify_familiar($familiar[el vibrato megadrone]);
   return false;

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command bjornify has similar functionality.

See Also

enthrone_familiar() | my_enthroned_familiar() | my_bjorned_familiar() | equipped_item()


This command automatically equips the Buddy Bjorn if it is not currently equipped.