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Function Syntax

int buffed_hit_stat()

Returns the buffed value of the stat that is currently used to calculate hit percentages. Note, ranged weapons use moxie to calculate hit percentage, melee weapons use muscle.

Code Samples

This code will check your hit percentage against every monster in a specified location to make sure it is 50% or over for every monster.

boolean safe_to_attack() {
   int x = buffed_hit_stat();
   monster [int] monster_list = get_monsters($location[Fantasy Airship]);
   foreach int in monster_list {
      float fumble = 1/22;
      float hit_percentage = (((6 + (x - monster_defense(monster_list[int]))) / 10.5) * (100 - fumble));
      if(hit_percentage < 50) {
         return false;
   return true;

See Also

get_monsters() | monster_defense() | current_hit_stat()

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This function returns 0 when not logged in.