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Function Syntax

int buy_price(coinmaster master ,item it )

  • master is the coinmaster to query
  • it is the item to check

Returns the number of tokens that master will trade you if you sell it to him.

Code Sample

This prints the price for which you can sell an item to a coinmaster.

void print_price(item it) {
   if(is_coinmaster_item(it)) {
      coinmaster master = it.seller;
      string token = master.token;
      int price = buy_price(master, it);
      if(price > 1) token += "s";
      print("You can sell that for "+ price + " "+token +".");
   } else if(is_tradeable(it))
      print("You can sell that in the mall for "+mall_price(it)+ " meat.");
   else if(autosell_price(it) > 0)
      print("You can autosell that for "+autosell_price(it)+ " meat.");
   else print("You cannot sell that!", "red");

See Also

buy() | sell_price()