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Equipment Commands

boolean equip( [slot], item )

Equips the specified item and reports success.

item equipped_item( slot )

Returns the item equipped in the specified slot.

boolean have_equipped( item )

Reports if the specified item is currently equipped by your character.

int equipped_amount( item )

Returns the amount of a given item currently equipped on your character.

boolean can_equip( item )

Tells if you meet the requirements for equipping the given item (regardless of its availability).

int weapon_hands( item )

Reports how many weapon-hand slots are required for a given item (0 - 2). Off-hand items return 0.

stat weapon_type( item )

Returns the equip requirement stat for the specified item. If it is not a weapon, this function returns $stat[none].

boolean have_familiar( familiar )

Reports on whether you have the specified familiar either in your Terrarium or equipped.

boolean use_familiar( familiar )

Attempts to make the specified familiar your currently used one and reports success.

item familiar_equipment( familiar )

Reports the most commonly associated familiar equipment for the specified familiar.

item familiar_equipped_equipment( familiar )

Returns the item currently equipped on the specified familiar (or $item[none] if you don't have that familiar).

boolean enthrone_familiar( familiar )

Enthrones the specified familiar.

familiar my_enthroned_familiar()

Returns the familiar currently enthroned.

boolean bjornify_familiar( familiar )

Bjornifies the specified familiar.

familiar my_bjorned_familiar()

Returns the familiar currently in the Buddy Bjorn.

boolean maximize( string, boolean )

boolean maximize( string, int, int, boolean )

Checks for and optionally equips the optimal gear for any given parameters.

Outfit Commands

boolean have_outfit( string )

Reports on whether or not you're currently capable of equipping the specified (in-game or custom) outfit, based on your stats & inventory availability of all outfit pieces.

boolean outfit( string )

Attempts to wear the specified outfit and reports success.

item [int] outfit_pieces( string )

Returns an array of the items which compose an outfit.

boolean is_wearing_outfit( string )

Reports on whether or not you're wearing the specified (in-game or custom) outfit.

string [int] get_outfits()

This function returns a list of all KoL outfits that the character currently owns and can wear.

string [int] get_custom_outfits()

This function returns a list of all currently defined custom outfits.