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A few KoLmafia guides exist already, but they are out-of-date, too brief or just too complex. They are typically for more advanced players that catch the lingo and references. My guide is by a noob, to be on the level of noobs. It is (hopefully) easy to understand, pretty verbose, and constantly updated by the community.

This guide is for those players that are interested in using a great third-party tool to enrich their Kingdom of Loathing experience significantly. Mafia is a java program that acts as a go-between for you to the KoL server. It has its own frame that contains a lot of functionality. In addition, you will use a normal browser window to play like normal. Mafia helps you in many ways:

  • Mafia allows you to use a 'Relay Browser' which is practically identical to the normal playing environment. The only noticeable difference is that Mafia adds bonus information and reminders that are very helpful when playing. This is by far my favorite feature because you do not have to try to learn a brand new interface to use Mafia.

  • Provides some alternative interfaces to do certain functions that you may or may not like better than the built-in interface. At the very least, you can easily say... look up a mall price on something in Mafia without having to redirect your browser to the mall and then back to your inventory or adventuring location. Or quickly check your entire inventory with filtering without leaving your browser.

  • Automation. KoLmafia allows you to intelligently automate actions, from small scale to larger scale. As an example, you can easily set up a 'script' combat button that will then do exactly what you want it to do; Maybe a Disco Bandit always wants to Pickpocket if possible, followed up by a Disco Dance, then auto-attack the rest of the way. Or an owner of a certain familiar wants to extend each fight to maximize Meat/Mana/HP,etc gains. Instead of doing this manually for each fight, you click ONE button which does the entire sequence! As an update, KoL itself now provides Combat Macros. However, I think Mafia is easier to understand and easier to configure it to work right.

  • Reduction of lag. Mafia works as an interface directly to KoL. What this means is that when you automate actions, no browser refresh is needed. This is really helpful, as a 12 round auto-combat using the Script button will be done in about three browser refreshes.

  • Collating of information. KoLmafia keeps track of all stat gains, meat found, items found, and an entire log of everything that has happened in the game. The info is logged automatically and effortlessly if you want it. It is just about essensial for those who want to compete in leaderboard challenges or post logs of their ascension on their clan website.

  • Ability to call player written scripts which do various stuff. For example, one of them will automatically equip all outfits you own to get any unearned Tattoos. These scripts require more trust, but I will show you how to examine scripts and see what they do for yourself.

Remember... Automation is only one aspect of KoLmafia! I generally avoid too much of something 'playing for me' myself, and it is entirely possible to use and love KoLmafia with no automation whatsoever!
Unless you are outright opposed to the concept of KoLmafia or Greasemonkey, I'd strongly urge you to read this guide and give it a try. By the end of the first Lesson, you will know enough to decide for yourself. ---Warning:--- There are some light spoilers in this guide for illustration purposes!

Table of Contents

Scripting for Dummies

As an addendum to the basic KoLmafia end user guide above, I also created a guide that helps you learn how to create simple scripts. It is surprisingly easy to create these scripts and they can accomplish many repetitive tasks that you might do on a daily basis. For example, a farming setup script might pull out a familiar, equip a certain outfit, buff yourself up, ask a buffbot for buffs, drink some potions to increase itemfind, and increase the Monster Level dial to maximum, and finally setup a particular custom combat script. This makes it easy to do things without forgetting stuff!
I would recommend that you at least browse through the scripting guide, see some of the neat stuff that you are capable of doing, then decide if it is worthwhile for you to dive into it yourself. I strongly suspect that at the very least, you can copy and paste some of my example scripts, change some of the buff/item/familiar names, and have your very own script!