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The Money Making Game was removed from the game on August 26, 2019 and KoLmafia in r19512

These functions are no longer in the game.

int mmg_bet_amount( int )

string mmg_bet_owner( int )

int mmg_bet_owner_id( int )

string mmg_bet_taker()

string mmg_bet_taker_id()

int mmg_bet_winnings()

int mmg_make_bet( int, boolean )

int [int] mmg_my_bets()

int [int] mmg_offered_bets()

boolean mmg_retract_bet( int )

void mmg_search( int, int )

int mmg_take_bet( int, boolean )

void mmg_visit()

int mmg_wait_event( int )

Attention KoLmafia Experts!

We need your help; some details of this function's operation are unknown or unclear.

The following specific question has been raised:

  • Please correct or note any mistakes I've made (please Veracity :P)

All info on this page taken from here and reworded as I could for standards.