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Viewable Info

string my_name()

Returns your character's name in lowercase.

string my_id()

Returns your character ID.

int get_clan_id()

Returns the ID number of the character's current clan.

string get_clan_name()

Returns the name of the character's current clan.

int my_ascensions()

Returns the number of times your character has ascended.

class my_class()

Returns your class.

int my_level()

Returns your level.

int my_adventures()

Returns the number of adventures you have remaining.

int total_turns_played()

Returns total turns played since the character was created.

int turns_played()

int my_turncount()

Both functions return the number of adventures used this ascension.

int my_daycount()

Return the number of days used this ascension.

stat my_primestat()

Returns the main stat of your current class.

int my_basestat( stat )

Returns your base value in the given stat (or substat).

int my_buffedstat( stat )

Returns your buffed value in the given stat (or substat).

boolean hippy_stone_broken()

Reports if your Hippy Stone is currently broken.

int pvp_attacks_left()

Returns number of PvP attacks remaining.

int total_free_rests()

Returns the total number of free rests available to your character.

int [item] get_campground()

Returns a map of your campground items as integers, keyed by item names.

item get_dwelling()

Returns the item corresponding with your dwelling (the item used to get the dwelling).

thrall my_thrall()

Returns your current pasta thrall.


int my_hp()

Returns your current HP.

int my_mp()

Returns your current MP.

int my_maxhp()

Returns your current maximum HP.

int my_maxmp()

Returns your current maximum MP.

int my_soulsauce()

Returns your current Soulsauce.

int my_audience()

Returns your current Audience.

int my_thunder()

Returns your current Thunder.

int my_rain()

Returns your current Rain.

int my_lightning()

Returns your current Lightning.

Familiars and Substitutes

familiar my_familiar()

Returns your current familiar.

int familiar_weight( familiar )

Returns the base weight of the specified familiar.

boolean is_familiar_equipment_locked()

Returns lock status of familiar equipment.

void lock_familiar_equipment( boolean )

Locks or Unlocks familiar equipment.

int minstrel_level()

Reports Clancy's level.

item minstrel_instrument()

Reports Clancy's equipped item.

boolean minstrel_quest()

Reports if Clancy has a new quest for you.

string my_companion()

Returns your current companion.

Hidden Info

string my_hash()

Returns the password hash for your current session.

stat current_hit_stat()

Returns the stat currently used to calculate to-hit percentage.

int buffed_hit_stat()

Returns the buffed value of your currently used to-hit stat.

int raw_damage_absorption()

Returns your current DA total.

float damage_absorption_percent()

Returns the percentage of damage mitigated by your DA.

int damage_reduction()

Returns the amount of damage reduction your character currently has.

float elemental_resistance( element )

Returns the percentage of damage reduction to the given element based on your current resistance to that element.

float combat_rate_modifier()

Returns the percentage adjustment to your combat rate.

float initiative_modifier()

Returns the percentage adjustment to your chance of gaining initiative.

float experience_bonus()

Returns the amount of bonus experience your receive after combat.

float meat_drop_modifier()

Returns the percentage adjustment to meat drops after combat.

float item_drop_modifier()

Returns the percentage adjustment to item drops after combat.

int monster_level_adjustment()

Returns the total +ML you have active, including your sign-specific device.

stat stat_bonus_today()

stat stat_bonus_tomorrow()

These two functions report on what stat has a stat-day bonus or $stat[none] if it isn't a stat day.

int current_mcd()

Returns the current setting of your sign-specific +ML device.

int weight_adjustment()

Returns the cumulative total of all familiar weight adjustments from all sources.

boolean get_ignore_zone_warnings()

Returns the value of the KoL option to disable "This area might be too tough for you" warnings.

string [location] [int] get_florist_plants()

Returns the a map of all plants currently planted in every location.

Sign & Path

boolean can_eat()

Reports on whether your characters path allows food consumption.

boolean can_drink()

Reports on whether your characters path allows booze consumption

boolean can_interact()

Reports on whether your character can access the mall, gift packages, etc.

boolean in_hardcore()

Reports on whether your character is under Hardcore restrictions.

item daily_special()

Returns the daily special at your sign eatery.

boolean in_moxie_sign()

boolean in_muscle_sign()

boolean in_mysticality_sign()

boolean in_bad_moon()

These four functions report on the stat gains granted by your character's ascension moon sign.

string my_path()

The ascension path your character chose.

string my_path_id()

The number of the ascension path your character chose.

string my_sign()

The moon sign your character ascended under.


int my_fullness()

Returns how full you are.

int fullness_limit()

Returns your maximum fullness.

int my_inebriety()

Returns your current drunkenness.

int inebriety_limit()

Returns your maximum safe drunk (before overdrinking).

int my_spleen_use()

Returns your current spleen use.

int spleen_limit()

Returns your spleen limit.

Location Availability

boolean black_market_available()

Returns the availability of the Black Market.

boolean canadia_available()

Returns the availability of Little Canadia.

boolean dispensary_available()

Returns the availability of the Knob Dispensary.

boolean florist_available()

Returns the availability of The Florist Friar's Cottage.

boolean gnomads_available()

Returns the availability of the Gnomish Gnomad Camp.

boolean guild_store_available()

Returns the availability of your guild store.

boolean hidden_temple_unlocked()

Returns the availability of the Hidden Temple.

boolean hippy_store_available()

Returns the availability of the Hippy Store.

boolean knoll_available()

Returns the availability of the Degrassi Knoll.

boolean white_citadel_available()

Returns the availability of White Citadel.


string eudora()

Returns your current Eudora correspondent.

boolean galaktik_cures_discounted()

Returns whether Doc's offers you a discount for quest completion.

int is_unrestricted()

Checks whether a given game resource is available.

int moon_light()

Returns the total lit moon segments.

int moon_phase()

Returns the phase (0-15) of the main moons.