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Function Syntax

int ceil(float number )

  • number is a number to find the ceiling of

This is the ceiling function, which returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to the supplied number.

Code Sample

Returns what type of slimes you can fight in the Slime Tube, based on current ML.

float ML_frac = max(0,ceil(monster_level_adjustment()/100));
string slime="";
if(ML_frac<=1) slime = "slime1";
else if(ML_frac<=3) slime = "slime2";
else if(ML_frac<=6) slime = "slime3";
else if(ML_frac<=10) slime = "slime4";
else slime = "slime5";
print("You will encounter "+slime+" in the Slime Tube.");

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