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A comment is non-functional text in a script, which is ignored by KoLmafia when running the script. They are most commonly included to help someone reading/editing the script (including the script author!) to understand or navigate the script. Sometimes commands are "commented out" during debugging, to prevent them from being executed while testing.

It is generally considered good practice when writing a script to include a few comments explaining the purpose of various sections, especially to clarify any difficult-to-understand parts.

ASH has three different options for commenting -- the pound sign (#), the double forward slash (//), and the block comment (everything between /* and */). See the following example:

# this entire line is commented
// so is this entire line
   This is part of a block comment.
   That means that all of this is commented.
   Commands within comments are not executed.
   print("This will not be printed.");
print("This will be printed.");   // Single-line comments can be on the same line as commands.
this line will generate an error since it is not commented

As far as KoLmafia is concerned when running the script, that entire example looks like this:

print("This will be printed.");
this line will generate an error since it is not commented