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This is a CLI command for displaying or modifying KoLmafia's counters. Without any parameters it will display all current counters.

The possible parameters are:

  • clear: This will remove all current counters.
  • add condition: This will add a counter. If the condition is an item, it will set the necessary quantity to this many more than you currently have. This also has the additional parameters: number [title img]
    • number the is the number of turns until the counter expires
    • title is an optional parameter to name the counter. If no name is given, then the counter will be named "manual".
      • The title can include one or more instances of loc=X, where X is an adventure id that you can go without having the counter abort adventuring. Using * for X will prevent it from aborting anywhere, making it a strictly informative counter.
      • The title can include type=wander which will cause it to remain at 0 turns until it is explicitly cleared. Wandering monsters work this way and KoLmafia explicitly clears the counters it creates after the wandering monster is encountered.
    • img is an optional image for the counter. You can use any of the images in KoL's \itemimages directory. If no image is chosen, then mafia will use watch.gif for the counter.
  • warn title: This will change an existing counter so that it does not have a loc=* paremeter, ensuring that it will stop you when it expires.
  • nowarn title: This will change an existing counter so that it has loc=* as a parameter, ensuring that it will not stop you when it expires.

Example: to add a fortune cookie counter to expire in 88 turns, use this command:

counters add 88 cookie fortune.gif

To add a counter that will not abort in The Haunted Gallery or The Haunted Bathroom, use this:

counters add 10 example loc=392 loc=394

To make KoLmafia's Digitize Monster counter stop your adventuring, use this:

counters warn Digitize Monster