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Function Syntax

stat current_hit_stat()

Returns the stat (muscle, mysticality or moxie) that is currently being used to calculate hit percentages. This is most likely to be useful in consult ccs scripts, or scripts designed to optimise equipment usage.

Code Samples

Checks to ensure your mainstat and hit stat are the same - to make sure you have the right type of weapon equipped. This only applies to muscle and moxie classes, so it checks to make sure you are not a mysticality class first.

if(my_primestat() != $stat[mysticality]) {
   if(current_hit_stat() != my_primestat()) {
      print("You could probably select a more effective weapon!");

See Also

my_primestat() | buffed_hit_stat()


When not logged in, this function returns $stat[muscle].