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Function Syntax

int damage_reduction()

Returns the damage that is deducted as a result of damage reduction effects.

Code Samples

The function will calculate the average damage you will take from each monster in a given location, if you are hit.

int damage_calculator (monster opponent) {
   int myMoxie = my_buffedstat($stat[moxie]);
   int monsterAttack = monster_attack(opponent);
   int bonusDamage = monsterAttack-myMoxie;
   if (bonusDamage < 0)
      bonusDamage = 0;
   float totalDamage = bonusDamage + monsterAttack*.225 - damage_reduction();
   totalDamage = totalDamage * (1 - damage_absorption_percent()/100);
   if (totalDamage < 0)
      totalDamage = 0;
   print("For "+opponent+": KoLMafia thinks you will take "+expected_damage(opponent)+" and calculator thinks "+totalDamage, "blue");
return round(totalDamage);

void location_damage (location place) {
   print(""+place+" has the following enemies that will deal the following average damage:", "purple");
   foreach mob, freq in appearance_rates(place) //Appearance rates is used to weed out bosses/one time specials/etc
      if (freq > 0) 
         print("The average damage a "+mob+" will deal to you is "+damage_calculator(mob)+".", "blue");
location_damage($location[The Black Forest]);

The formula used to calculate damage can be found Here Note: The example does not take in account using a shield with the passive Hero of the Half-Shell.

See Also

damage_absorption_percent() | raw_damage_absorption()


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