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Function Syntax

boolean enthrone_familiar(familiar target )

  • target is the familiar to enthrone.

Enthrones the specified familiar. Returns false if something goes wrong with the enthroning process (e.g. the player does not have the specified familiar in his terrarium, or the player does not have a Crown of Thrones).

Code Sample

Returns true if the El Vibrato Megadrone is successfully equipped to the Crown of Thrones.

boolean enthrone_megadrone() {
   if (my_enthroned_familiar()!=$familiar[el vibrato megadrone])
      return enthrone_familiar($familiar[megadrone]);
   return false;

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command enthrone has similar functionality.

See Also

my_enthroned_familiar() | equipped_item()


This command automatically equips the Crown of Thrones if it is not currently equipped.