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Function Syntax

int fullness_limit()

Returns the logged-in character's maximum fullness level as an int. For most characters, the returned value will be 15. On the Feast of Boris this number is raised by 15. The number is also raised by 5 for characters with Stomach of Steel.

Code Samples

This example calculates how many hot hi meins it can eat and then eats them.

if (my_fullness() + 5 <= fullness_limit())
   eat(floor((fullness_limit() - my_fullness()) / 5) , $item[hot hi mein]);
   // We're using floor() here because if (fullness_limit() - my_fullness())/5 returns, say, 2.6,
   //we only want it to consume 2.
   // Also, eat() takes an integer, not a float, as a parameter.

See Also

my_fullness() | eat()


When not logged in, this function returns 15.