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Function Syntax

int [item] get_campground()

Returns a map of your campground items as integers, keyed by item names.

  • Most values will be 1 to represent the item exists; some can be as high as 9, such as pretty bouquets and fences.
  • Not all items will be included; Hippy Stone, Colossal Closet, Quest Log, Trophy Case, Terrarium, and Mystical Bookshelf are ignored.
  • Your dwelling itself is processed separately, using get_dwelling()
  • Furnishings for your dwelling (some "Tasteful" gifts, Really Good Feng Shui, etc.) will be listed on their own in the result.

Code Sample

The following will save a text file in your data directory with your campground information.

int [item] mystuff;
mystuff = get_campground();
map_to_file(mystuff , "campy.txt");

See Also

get_dwelling() | get_clan_lounge() | map_to_file()