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Function Syntax

string get_ccs_action(int round )

  • round is the current round of combat

This function will read a line from the active CCS for a given round and return that round's command as a string. This will only return a value from the section of the CCS for the monster that is currently being fought. Note that this command is only useful in consult scripts or combat filters. See adventure() for more details.

Code Sample

This incredibly basic combat filter will simply do exactly what the CCS instructs.

string run_combat(int round, monster opp, string text) {
   return get_ccs_action(round);

This is a function designed for use in a combat consult script that has parameters contained in a note field of the CCS. (A note is just a comment that contains information.)

string get_parameter() {
   for i from 0 upto 30 {
      ccs_line =  get_ccs_action(i).to_lower_case();
      if(ccs_line.substring(0, 5) == "note ")
         return get_ccs_action(i).to_lower_case();

See Also

adventure() | adv1() | run_combat()