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Function Syntax

int [item] get_ingredients(item parse_me )

  • parse_me is the creatable item to list the ingredients for

Returns a map keyed by item names with the values equal to the quantity of each ingredient required to make parse_me. Note that for multi-stage crafting (where you combine several items to get intermediate items, and then combine those for the final result), only the last stage of requirements is listed. This function will parse items that can be created through multi-use of items as well as "traditional" creation methods such as cooking, cocktailcrafting, and smithing.

Code Sample

Check to see if the character can equip a Hippo Poncho.

int [item] reqd = get_ingredients($item[SOMETHING]);
foreach i in reqd {
  if (item_amount(i) < reqd[i]) print("You don't have enough: " + i.to_string());

More Information

See the Discoveries for more information.


Returns an empty map for items that cannot be created at the moment, taking into account gender, skills, adventures remaining, tools in inventory, current date, and access to certain forms of crafting (e.g. Crimbo Town).