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Function Syntax

int [item] get_shop()

Returns a map where each key is an item in your Mall store, with the integer value how many you are currently selling.

Code Samples

The following example creates a function called "in_shop" which tells you how many of a given item is currently in your shop.

int[item] shop_items;
shop_items = get_shop();

void in_shop(string check) {
   item thing = to_item(check);
   if (thing == $item[none]) {
      print(check+" is not a valid item.", "red");
   if (shop_items contains thing)
      print("Your shop currently has "+shop_items[thing]+" "+thing+".", "blue");
   else print("Your shop currently has 0 of "+thing, "blue");

//Check how many Mae Wests
in_shop("mae west");
//Check all items with greater than 4 fullness
foreach it in $items[]
   if (it.fullness > 4)

See Also

shop_amount() | shop_limit()