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Function Syntax

string get_version()

Returns the latest version of KoLmafia pertaining to your current build.

Code Sample

Will tell you when there is a new version of mafia

string vers = get_version();
string page = visit_url("");
string current = substring ( page, index_of ( page , "Download Now" ) , last_index_of ( page , "View all files" ) );
if (!contains_text( current , vers ))
   print ("There is a new version. Go get it here", "red");
   print ("You are already using the most current version of KoLmafia.", "blue");

The following example prompts the user to update KoLmafia so as to handle newly introduced items and locations.

if ( to_float( get_version() ) < 14.1 ) //Check Vanya's Castle and Kegger in the Woods
   abort( "The current version does not support Uncle P's maps. Please update KoLmafia." );

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More Information

Note that a revision is distinct from a build in that a revision is a developer-sanctioned release of enough significance as to be promoted for the general public's use. When using a daily build, this function returns the most recent official version.