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Function Syntax

item guardians()

Attempts to pass the six levels of the NS Tower, the door puzzle, the NS's familiars and your shadow. If you are prevented from going further because you lack the required item, it returns that item. If you fail for any other reason or if you succeed, it returns $item[none].

Code Sample

Defeat the six tower monsters at the NS lair.

item missing = guardians();
if(missing == $item[none]) {
   if(my_adventures() == 0)
      print("No time to defeat the sorceress now.");
   else print("You either can't reach the tower, stuck at the top or ready to fight the sorceress.");
} else print("You need a "+ missing +" to continue.");

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "guardians" works similarly.

See Also

chamber() | entryway() | hedgemaze() | tavern()