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Function Syntax

int have_effect(effect have_effect )

  • have_effect is an effect to check for

Returns the number of turns for which you currently have_effect. Returns 0 if you do not have any turns of have_effect. If the effect is an intrinsic that you currently have, this function returns 2147483547 (which is 100 less than a signed integer's upper limit).

Code Sample

The following casts Disco Aerobics if you have less than 10 turns Disco State of Mind & have the skill.

//This would normally be better handled with a mood, and is for illustration only
if ((have_effect($effect[Disco State of Mind]) < 10) && have_skill($skill[Disco Aerobics]))
   use_skill(1 , $skill[Disco Aerobics]);

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "effects" gives information on all of your current effect durations.

See Also

have_skill() | use_skill()


Note that in KoL, having an effect from both an intrinsic and turn-limited source will only report the intrinsic (infinite) duration while active, and as such this function will return 2147483647 (Java's Integer.MAX_VALUE) when you are under an effect from both types of sources.