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Function Syntax

boolean have_familiar(familiar check_me )

  • check_me is the familiar to check for

Returns true if you have the specified familiar check_me, and false otherwise. The familiar will be detected if it is active or in your Terrarium. It will not notice familiar hatchlings since those are items, not familiars and need to be detected separately.

Mafia will not detect transformations of familiars due to wardrobe or doppleshifting, so this function is incapable of detecting such transformation if it is called during combat.

Code Samples

Lists out all the familiars you currently have and the total number you have over the total available.

int total, have;
foreach it in $familiars[] {
   total += 1;
   if (have_familiar(it)) {
      print("You have the familiar "+it+"!", "blue");
      have +=1;
print("You have "+have+"/"+total+" available familiars.", "green");

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "familiar" with the parameter "list" functions similarly.

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Note that in Bad Moon it only checks the familiars you have acquired in the current run.