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Function Syntax

boolean hedgemaze()

Attempts to complete the hedge maze puzzle, first to get the key, then to find the exit. It returns true if the maze is complete.


A complete program that solves the Hedge Maze, killing as many hedge golems as necessary to get mazes and counting the turns used.

boolean hedging() {
    boolean success = false;
   int maze_trips = 0;
   while(my_adventures() > 0 && !success) {
      if(item_amount($item[hedge maze puzzle]) == 0) {
         adventure(1, $location[hedge maze]);
         maze_trips = maze_trips + 1;
         if(maze_trips > 1)
            print("Entered the Hedge Maze "+ maze_trips + " times.");
            print("Entered the Hedge Maze once.");
      if(item_amount($item[hedge maze puzzle]) > 0)
         success = hedgemaze();
   return success;
void main() {
   if(!contains_text(visit_url("lair3.php"), "lair4.php"))
   print("Hedge Maze solved!", "green");

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "entryway" will perform the same tasks.

See Also

chamber() | entryway() | guardians() | tavern()