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Function Syntax

boolean hermit(int qty ,item get )

  • qty is the quantity to acquire
  • get is the hermit item to trade for

Attempts to acquire qty amount of item get. Will buy and use chewing gum on a string as needed. Reports success based on whether it acquired as many of item get as possible. If get is not a hermit item, this function will return true. This function will fail to return any value and abort completely if unable to buy the required chewing gum on a string.

If the hermit does not have enough ten-leaf clovers in stock to satisfy a request, it will acquire as many as possible and then return false.

Code Samples

The example acquires all the hermits clovers and reports how many it got.

int amount = item_amount($item[disassembled clover]) + item_amount($item[ten-leaf clover]);
hermit(999, $item[ten-leaf clover]);
amount = item_amount($item[disassembled clover]) + item_amount($item[ten-leaf clover]) - amount;
print("You acquired "+amount+" clovers.", "blue");

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "hermit" with the parameter "item" works similarly.