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Function Syntax

boolean hidden_temple_unlocked()

This function returns true if the logged-in character had successfully used the Spooky Map to discover the Hidden Temple. Otherwise, it returns false.

Code Samples

Checks to see if the hidden temple is unlocked. If it isn't, proceeds to unlock it.

if (hidden_temple_unlocked()) 
   print("You have already unlocked the hidden temple!", "green");
else {
   print("Unlocking the hidden temple.", "blue");
   if (item_amount($item[tree-holed coin]) < 1) {
      print("First getting the tree-holed coin", "blue");
      set_property("choiceAdventure502", 2);
      set_property("choiceAdventure505", 2);
      while (item_amount($item[tree-holed coin]) < 1)
         adventure(1, $location[The Spooky Forest]);

   if (item_amount($item[Spooky-Gro fertilizer]) < 1) {
      print("Next getting the spooky-gro fertilizer.", "blue");
      set_property("choiceAdventure502", 2);
      set_property("choiceAdventure506", 2);
      while (item_amount($item[Spooky-Gro fertilizer]) < 1)
         adventure(1, $location[The Spooky Forest]);
   if (item_amount($item[spooky sapling]) < 1) {
      print("Next getting the spooky sapling.", "blue");
      set_property("choiceAdventure502", 1);
      set_property("choiceAdventure503", 3);
      set_property("choiceAdventure504", 3);
      while (item_amount($item[spooky sapling]) < 1)
         adventure(1, $location[The Spooky Forest]);
      set_property("choiceAdventure504", 4);

   if (item_amount($item[Spooky Temple map]) < 1) {
       print("Next getting the spooky temple map.", "blue");
      set_property("choiceAdventure502", 2);
      set_property("choiceAdventure506", 3);
      set_property("choiceAdventure507", 1);
      while (item_amount($item[Spooky Temple map]) < 1)
         adventure(1, $location[The Spooky Forest]);
   if (cli_execute("use spooky temple map"))
      print("Temple has been unlocked!", "green");
   else print("Failed to unlock the hidden temple :(", "red");

See Also

black_market_available() | guild_store_available() | white_citadel_available()


When not logged in, this function returns false.