Inebriety limit

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Function Syntax

int inebriety_limit()

Returns the maximum safe drunkenness of a character before becoming falling-down drunk.

For characters without Liver of Steel, this value is 14. With Liver of Steel, the value is 19.

Code Sample

This example drinks you silly on St. Sneaky Pete's Day:

void get_sneaky() {
   item favored_drink = $item[grogtini];
   while (my_inebriety() < inebriety_limit()) {
      overdrink(1 , favored_drink);
   int cirrhosis = inebriety_limit() + 10 - my_inebriety();
   overdrink(cirrhosis , $item[green beer]);
   if (inebriety_limit() < 16) {
      print("Not... drunk... enough. Need... !... potion.");

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When not logged in, this function returns 14.