Item drop modifier

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Function Syntax

float item_drop_modifier()

Returns the percentage modification on item drops as a result of your equipment, effects (including familiar) and area modifiers (such as in the sea).

Code Samples

Shows your current item drop percentages for each of a monster's item drops (assuming that the monster does not have any repeat drops).

void item_drop( monster mob) {
   int[item] monster_items = item_drops(mob);
   foreach item in monster_items {
      float drop_rate = monster_items[item];
      float modified = drop_rate * (item_drop_modifier()/100);
      float your_rate = drop_rate + modified;
      print( item + ": " + your_rate );

See Also

meat_drop_modifier() | item_drops()


Returns 0.0 when not logged in.