Item drops

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Function Syntax

int [item] item_drops()

int [item] item_drops(monster m )

Returns a map of the monster's drop rates, indexed by item names.

Code Samples

Prints the drops of a certain monster.

void drops(monster mob){
   int[item] drops = item_drops(mob);
   print("Monster: " + mob);
   foreach i in drops {
      print("Drop rate of " + i + " is " + drops[i]*(1+item_drop_modifier()/100) + "%");

See Also

meat_drop() | item_drop_modifier() | item_drops_array()


This function has a known limitation: if a monster drops the same item more than once, the map only returns the last rate in that monster's entry in monsters.txt, however item_drops_array() can be used to bypass this limitation.