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Function Syntax

record [int] item_drops_array()

record [int] item_drops_array(monster check_me )

  • check_me is the (optional) monster to check.

Returns an array of records with three fields:

record {
   item drop;
   int rate;
   string type;

The 'type' field has these currently possible values:

  • "" - normal item drop, base drop rate in the 'rate' field.
  • "0" - no drop rate information available, 'rate' will be zero.
  • "n" - not pickpocketable, but otherwise drops according to 'rate'.
  • "c" - conditional drop.
  • "p" - pickpocket-only.
  • "b" - bounty item, 'rate' is meaningless.

Since this is the first function to return a record, it cannot be stored to a variable, and thus the only way to access the data is by iterating over the elements in the array.

Code Samples

Prints all information Mafia has regarding the item drops of a certain monster.

void drops(monster mob){
   print("Monster: " + mob);
   foreach index, rec in item_drops_array(mob) 
      print("item: "+rec.drop+", drop rate: "+rec.rate+", type: "+rec.type);

Saves item drop information in a custom-defined map for later usage.

record dropdata {
   item drop;
   int rate;
   string type;
dropdata [int] loc_mon_it;
dropdata [monster][int] all_mon_drops;
foreach i1, mob in get_monsters($location[Orc Chasm])
   foreach index, rec in item_drops_array(mob) {
      all_mon_drops [mob][index].drop = rec.drop;
      all_mon_drops [mob][index].rate = rec.rate;
      all_mon_drops [mob][index].type = rec.type;

foreach mob, index, data in all_mon_drops {
   string rate = data.rate + "%";
   if(data.type == "0")
      rate = "unknown rate";
   if(data.type != "p" && data.type != "b")
      print(mob+", drops "+data.drop+" @ "+rate);

See Also

meat_drop() | item_drops()

More Information

see this thread.


The zero-parameter form returns the last monster encountered (the current one, if used in combat).