Jump chance

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Function Syntax

int jump_chance()

int jump_chance(monster m )

int jump_chance(monster m ,int i )

int jump_chance(monster m ,int i ,int ml )

int jump_chance(location l )

Returns the chance of successfully getting the jump against the monster or in the location, optionally at a particular initiative value and monster level.

Code Samples

The following example is a function that tells you the jump chance against the various enemies at a given location.

void location_jump (location place) {
   print(""+place+" has the following enemies that you might get the jump on:", "purple");
   foreach mob, freq in appearance_rates(place) //Appearance rates is used to weed out bosses/one time specials/etc
      if (freq > 0) 
         print("The jump chance you have against "+mob+" is "+jump_chance(mob)+".", "blue");
location_jump($location[The Black Forest]);

For more information on jump opponents visit KoL Wiki's Combat Initiative