KoLmafia Guide: In Closing

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Hopefully this quick scripting lesson gives you the tools and confidence to make your own .ash scripts. You should be able to cut&paste quite a bit from my examples to assemble what you need. When you are trying to do stuff that I don't show, I recommend that you first check the links I gave you. All the CLI commands are easily found from /help. The ASH COMMANDS are found by typing 'ashref'. Another option is to go find a similar script and then figure out the commands they used. (Ya think I dreamed up all that slime script on my own? Uh, no. :-) Finally, the people at the KoLmafia forum are pretty nice. You can simply ask reasonably intelligent-sounding questions and you are likely to get fast responses.

At the very least, you will be a bit less intimidated when opening one of those monster scripts from the KoLmafia Repository forum! You can kind of see what they are doing, then modify it as you see fit. Many of those scripts are excellent, but are a bit much and do stuff I don't want them doing. Heck, one of the scripts actually plays the ENTIRE FRIGGIN game for you! Just click the script button every day until you have ascended. I'm all for automating repetitive stuff, but that is way overkill for me!

Good luck, brand new KoLmafia users and scripters! Feel free to kmail me if you have questions or comments about the guide, keeping in mind that I am kind of a noob myself. :-)

-- SinginSally (KoL character is the same name... note, only 1 G in singin)