Mafia directories

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  • Windows users probably saved the mafia .jar (or .exe) in a folder/directory. This is the only directory that is used. Mafia, when first started, will have produced a load of sub-directories that it uses to store stuff. These will have names such as "buffs", "ccs", "clan", "data", "images", "relay", "scripts", "sessions" and "settings" (maybe not all of those, maybe some others) with stuff inside.
  • Mac users have theirs saved under "~/Library/Application Support/KoLmafia/".
  • Linux users are a little more complex, but not much. Your files are all saved within a hidden directory under your account's home. Go to the account's home directory, and look for ".kolmafia". So, if your username is grotfang, save it under "/home/grotfang/.kolmafia".