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Once you have the source code for Mafia successfully downloaded as in the Compiling from Source page, you will then need to make a patch, as the dev's don't let just anyone update the program. Fortunately, this is very simple, and once you have the patch, post it on the KoLmafia Forums for acceptance.


  1. Right-click on the KoLmafia folder on your desktop (this assumes you are using Tortoise SVN), click on "TortoiseSVN" and then "Create Patch...".
  2. A new window then appears. Tick all the files you want to include in the patch (this is probably all of them), and click OK.
  3. Tortoise SVN then merges all your changes into a single .patch file, which you can then post on the forums.


  1. cd into the folder where you did your svn checkout
  2. run svn diff > /tmp/patchname.patch (a list of filenames can optionally be included after diff)
  3. post the file on the forums for review

MacOS Terminal

Use the Linux instructions


There are a number of different ways to get to the Create Patch dialog. Use any method, including the steps below.

  1. From the VCS Menu select "Create Patch from Local Changes".
  2. In the Create Patch dialog, enter a short description in the "Commit Message" Text field.
  3. Review your changes and make sure they include what you want to have in the patch file and nothing unexpected.
  4. Select the "Apply Patch..." button.
  5. Review the suggested patch name.
  6. Select the "OK" button.

The patch file in the location listed in the Save dialog can be uploaded to the forum.