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Function Syntax

int my_adventures()

Returns the logged-in character's number of adventures remaining.

Code Samples

Using this function to spend all of your adventures farming the Castle:

adventure(my_adventures() , $location[giant's castle]);

Checking to see if you have adventures left before doing something:

if (my_adventures() == 0) abort("You can't run this script without adventures.");

Making sure you have enough adventures to perform a set of actions:

location farming_location = $location[giant's castle];
while (my_adventures() >= 4) {
   if (use(1 , $item[dance card])) {
      adventure(3 , farming_location);
      adventure(1 , $location[Haunted Ballroom]);
   } else break;

See Also

adventure() | use()


When not logged in, this function returns 0.