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Function Syntax

int my_meat()

Returns the amount of meat you currently have in your inventory.

This does not include meat you have in your Colossal Closet or Hagnk's storage.

Code Samples

The following sample checks to see if you have enough meat to buy a hermit permit and if you do, it will buy one:

if (my_meat() >= 100) {
   buy(1 , $item[hermit permit]);

This more complex example makes sure you have enough meat before trying to get a dead mimic:

while (my_meat() < 5000) {
   adventure(1 , $location[knob goblin treasury]);
   autosell(item_amount($item[meat stack]) , $item[meat stack]);
cli_execute("conditions clear; conditions add 1 dead mimic");
if (adventure(my_adventures(), $location[dungeons of doom])
   print("You didn't get a mimic!");

See Also

adventure() | autosell() | cli_execute() | item_amount() | my_adventures() | my_closet_meat() | print()


When not logged in, this function returns 0.