PvP Commands

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There are three different CLI commands used for PvP and two aliases. If they player has defined a beforePVPScript it will be executed before every attack.


pvp <count> <mission> <stance>
steal - alias for pvp

The commands will attack <count> random players for the mission of your choice using whatever stance you choose.

  • <count> is the number of attacks to use. If you don't specify how many PvP fights to use, it will use all of them.
  • <mission> can be "flowers", "fame", or "loot".
  • <stance> will attempt to match to the name of one of this season's minis.


attack target [, target...] stance

The attack command will attack specific players for fame (in-run) or loot (in aftercore). Each player specified will be attacked once.


swagger - synonym for flowers

The commands will use all of your remaining pvp attacks to get flowers from random players using ?.