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Function Syntax

void refresh_shop()

Forces mafia to re-check your mall store (useful since it's impossible for mafia to internally track this section of "your" inventory).

Code Samples

Following example uses refresh_shop to create an auto stocker for your shop that prevents you from flooding the market.

void shop_stocker (item selling, int amount_in_store, float mallprice_factor) {
   while (item_amount(selling) > 0) {
      int current;
      current = shop_amount(selling);
      if (current < amount_in_store) {
         int amount = amount_in_store - current;
         int price = mall_price(selling);
         price = round(price * mallprice_factor);
         print("Currently have "+current+" "+selling+" in store. Putting "+amount+" more up for "+price+".", "blue");
         put_shop(price, 0, amount, selling);
      else print("Currently have "+current+" "+selling+" in store. Have not sold any recently.", "red");
      print("Waiting....", "purple");
      waitq(300); //wait 5 mins

shop_stocker ($item[mae west], 5, .99);

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "refresh" with the parameter "shop" has the same function.