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Function Syntax

void refresh_status()

Refreshes your character's status from the character pane. This does not affect the relay browser, only mafia's internal information.

Code Samples

Refresh status needs to be used to see if you've gained a new effect.

print("purchasing Ode to Booze from a few buffbots...", "blue");
cli_execute("csend 1 meat to Testudinata");
cli_execute("csend 23 meat to Iocainebot");
int iterations = 0;
while(have_effect($effect[Ode to Booze]) < 1 && iterations < 30) {
   iterations = iterations + 1;
if((have_effect($effect[Ode to Booze]) < 1)
   print("failed to get Ode to Booze", "red");

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "refresh" with the parameter "status" has the same function.