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Function Syntax

boolean retrieve_item(int qty ,item get )

  • qty is the quantity to acquire
  • get is the item to acquire

Uses KoLmafia's internal logic to gather the items in the least destructive manner. Returns true if items are acquired as specified and false if not.

Code Sample

This is an example of a very simple aftercore logout script.

item nightcap = $item[ Mon Tiki ];
while (my_inebriety() <= inebriety_limit())
   if ( !retrieve_item( 1 , nightcap ) )
      abort( "Could not make/buy a " + nightcap + " for a nightcap." );
      overdrink( 1 , nightcap );

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "acquire" works similarly.

See Also


More Information

For information on order of operations, see Retrieval order.


This function and it's CLI equivalent "acquire" will not purchase items from the mall that can not be discarded. This is because many of those items are surprisingly expensive. Such items can be detected by checking to see if their autosell_price() is 0. There are a few hard-coded exceptions to this rule: clovers, phials, divine favors, love songs and white rice can all be purchased with this command despite not being discardable.

Attention KoLmafia Experts!

We need your help; some details of this function's operation are unknown or unclear.

The following specific question has been raised:

  • Are there exceptions to the info listed under Special?