Reverse numberology

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Function Syntax

int [int] reverse_numberology(int delta_turns ,int delta_spleen )

  • delta_turns is a forecast of the number of turns you plan to spend before using numberology
  • delta_spleen is a forecast of the amount of spleen you plan to fill before using numberology

int [int] reverse_numberology()

Returns a map of the inputs needed for various outputs from numberology. With no inputs, both are assumed to be 0.

Code Sample

The following tells you if you will be eligible to fight a War Frat 151st Infantryman (numberology 51) after using spooky jelly.

// This is a small example that won't be very useful unless incorporated into a larger script.
if ( reverse_numberology( 0, 1 ) contains 51 )
   print( "Consider using a spooky jelly" );

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "numberology" lets you list all possible outputs with their corresponding inputs, or actually cast Calculate the Universe with a specified output.