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Function Syntax

boolean sell(coinmaster master ,int qty ,item it )

  • master is the coinmaster to purchase from
  • qty is the number to purchase
  • it is the item to purchase

Attempts to purchase qty amount of item it from master. If qty is less than 1, the function will return true without purchasing anything. Otherwise it returns true if the purchase succeeded and false if it did not.

Code Sample

This expands upon selling to a coinmaster to show many related functions.

boolean sell_coinmaster(int qty, item it) {
   coinmaster master = it.buyer;
   if(master == $coinmaster[none]) {
      print("No coinmaster will purchase that", "red");
      return false;
   if(!is_accessible(master)) {
      print(inaccessible_reason(master), "red");
      return false;
   int coins = master.available_tokens;
   int price = sell_price(master, it);
   print("Selling "+it+" to "+master+" for "+price+" "+coins+(qty > 1? " each.": "."));
   return sell(master, qty, it);

See Also

buy() | sell_price()