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Function Syntax

void set_property(string prop ,string value )

  • prop is the property to set
  • value is the value to set the property to

Looks for a global or appropriate user preference from the saved files (found in your "Settings" directory) and if it finds one that matches, it overrides its value with value. If a match is not found in your existing preferences for prop, it will create a property with that name and set it to value.

Code Samples

The following sets the choice adventures in the Castle of the Sky Top Floor before farming there.

//Castle Top floor
set_property("choiceAdventure677", 4);
set_property("choiceAdventure675", 1);
set_property("choiceAdventure678", 4);
set_property("choiceAdventure676", 1);
adventure(5, $location[The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor)]);

For a full list of choice adventures see Choice Adventures.

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "set" works similarly.

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You can set a custom property that automatically gets its value cleared each new KoL day by prefixing it with an underscore.