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Function Syntax

int shop_amount(item it )

  • it is the item to check

Returns the amount of a given item that are currently for sale in your mall store.

Code Samples

The following function will use your shop when acquiring an item however it will not purchase anything.

void get_it (item thing, int amount) {
   int have = item_amount(thing);
   int need = max(0, amount-have);
   if (need == 0) {
      print("You already have "+amount+" of "+thing+".", "green");
   else if (shop_amount(thing) > 0) {
      int pull = min(shop_amount(thing), need);
      print("Removing "+pull+" "+thing+" from your store.", "blue");
      take_shop(pull, thing);
      need = max(0, amount - item_amount(thing));
   if (need == 0) 
      print("You now have "+amount+" "+thing+".", "green");
   else {
      print("Need to buy "+amount+" "+thing+".", "blue");
      //cli_execute("find "+amount+" "+thing);
      print("This example doesn't buy though!", "red");

get_it($item[mae west], 5);

Uncomment the third to last line if you want it to buy.

See Also

closet_amount() | display_amount() | equipped_amount() | item_amount() | stash_amount() | storage_amount()