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Function Syntax

int stills_available()

Returns the number of Nash Crosby's Still uses you have left for the day. This is 0 if you are not a moxie class. If you are a moxie class, but have not opened the guild this returns 10.

Code Sample

This function attempts to create a Divine, or gives a warning if still uses aren't available.

if ((item_amount($item[orange]) > 0) &&
    (item_amount($item[bottle of whiskey]) > 0) &&
    (item_amount($item[bottle of whiskey]) > 0) &&
    (item_amount($item[little paper umbrella]) > 0) &&
    (stills_available() >= 2)) {
       create(1 , $item[Divine]);
    } else {
       print("You'd have to spend some meat to get a Divine." , "red");

See Also

create() | item_amount() | print()