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Function Syntax

int storage_amount(item it )

  • it is the item to check

Returns the amount of the given item that are in storage at Hagnk's.

Code Sample

The following code will check a pull list loaded from a text file.

int day = 2;
int [int, item] static_pulls; //Items that are always included in a pull list.
file_to_map( "static_pulls.txt" , static_pulls );

//Validate your pull list before you begin the day
foreach it, req_num in static_pulls[ day ]
   if ( storage_amount( it ) < req_num )
      print( "Uh-oh! You don't have enough of " + it + " to pull." , "red" );
      print( "You have enough " + it );

Note that take_storage() returns a boolean value indicating whether an attempt at pulling was successful.

See Also

closet_amount() | display_amount() | equipped_amount() | item_amount() | shop_amount() | stash_amount()

More Information

Information on handling free pulls is at Tips, Tricks and Workarounds.